Andskip is a commercial by Android.


Three Andriod characters(one short cowboy who keeps things in his hat, one old lady, and one tattooed banjo player) are forcing the viewers to skip. The short one tries to use text to make the viewers skip. The old lady is being the slideshow, and when she runs out of paper of text she is given a green paper and makes a paper boat, bird and a paper version of the banjo player.

She then calls a delivery truck to order a Skip-Master 3000( which is the replacement for the old lady) but later breaks. The old lady then cries about it. The short cowboy gets two skipping ropes and the three use it which is a pun. A janitor then cleans up the mess with a vacuum after the robot breaks.

While they get back on track, the banjo player's girlfriend (possibly) calls him. While they are chatting, the two others spot an Eskimo who cuts a hole and starts fishing. And while the one left is doing the classic "She loves me, she loves me not", the short one gets pulled into the water and gets frozen but is later freed.

The banjo player is done calling, the Eskimo leaves but in the middle of the 3rd slideshow, the short one calls a psychologist to hypnotize the viewers and make them skip the ad. Instead, the characters get hypnotized instead.

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