Android Desktop

Remix mini on the left, nVidia Shield TV on the right.

Most android devices can be used as a desktop, when connected to a display through OTG, and connected to Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Now we have Android devices specifically made for using external displays - the Android Desktops.

Android PCEdit

Remix MiniEdit

Remix mini[1] is the most famous Android desktop, with 21,975 sponsors funding $1,647,155 into this project at Kickstarter.[2] Remix Mini uses Remix OS.

Remix IOEdit

Remix IO and Remix IO+ are upgraded versions of the Remix Mini.[3]


iConsole.TV started out with the dream of building an Intel core i7 desktop computer with Android, in direct partnership with Intel. Unfortunately Intel stopped supporting them midway.

Android DonglesEdit

Android micro-consolesEdit

Shield TVEdit

nVidia Shield TV[4] is the most powerful Android device out there, making it a suitable desktop system with the right UI launcher[5]



Ouya is the famous pioneer Android game console that inspired other Android game consoles, and Android boxes in general.[6]

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