September 4, 2006
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Google is an American multinational corporation based in Mountain View, California.[1] It was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998,[2] initially focusing on developing a product to search the internet. Since then, its products have expanded to encompass a browser (Google Chrome), mapping (Google Maps), video sharing (Youtube), email (Gmail), file creation and storage (Google Drive), a mobile operating system (Android), and more.[3]

History Edit

Google, Inc. was founded in 1998.[2]

Android Edit

Main article: Android History

Google bought Android, Inc, in 2005. Android had been operating secretly, only telling news sources that it was working on software for mobile phones.[4] After Google bought Android, Inc, they continued developing the Android operating system.

Google Nexus Edit

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Since January 2010, when the Nexus One launched,[5] Google, partnering with various manufacturers, has designed devices to show off new versions of Android, or other new features. Nexus devices started off as developer devices, but have become mainstream since the introduction of the Galaxy Nexus[6] in 2011.

Phones and Tablets Edit

There are now 6 phones and 4 tablets that have been designed by Google, including the:

Other Devices Edit

Google also made a device called the Nexus Q.[9] It was a digital media player that ran on a version of Android (Android 4.0). It has unofficially has been succeeded by the Chromecast and has officially been succeeded by the Nexus Player.[8]


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