The HTC Desire is a premium Android phone that was released in major countries on the February 16th, 2010. It was created by HTC. It is the first phone in the Desire line of smartphones.[citation needed]

HTC Desire

Release Android Version


Release Date

16th February 2010 (Various Countries)

Release Networks

Various Networks


The HTC Desire has won various awards, including:

  • T3 Phone of the Year 2010[citation needed]
  • TechRadar's #1 of their Top 15 Best Phones in the World[citation needed]

OS Version & UI DesignEdit

The Desire originally shipped with Android 2.1, however it has since been updated to Android 2.2. It was announced that it will be upgraded to Android 2.3 in May or June 2011.[1]

Like most HTC Android Phones, the HTC Desire ships with the HTC Sense UI, which has been highly praised by critics across the globe. However, due to the Desire' sharing largely the same hardware as the Nexus One, an active developer community has sprung up around it, notably including a dedicated version of CyanogenMod.

Other Desire PhonesEdit

The original Desire has spawned various successors, of which many are listed on HTC's website.[2]

References Edit

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