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Motorola Solutions, Inc. is an American data communications and telecommunications equipment provider that succeeded Motorola Inc., following the spinoff of the mobile phones division into Motorola Mobility in 2011. The company is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Motorola Solutions is composed of the Government, Public Safety and Enterprise Mobility Solutions divisions of the former Motorola, Inc. Motorola Solutions also previously had a Networks division, which it sold to Nokia Siemens Networks in a transaction that was completed on April 29, 2011.[1] In the former Motorola parent company, it was the second largest division based on revenue.

History Edit

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Motorola Solutions was the Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Public Safety division of Motorola Inc. which was founded in 1928. Motorola Solutions began trading as a separate independent company on January 4, 2011.[2] It is the legal successor of the old Motorola; the transaction was structured so the old Motorola changed its name to Motorola Solutions and spun off Motorola Mobility as a separate company.

In April 2014, it was announced that Motorola Solutions' enterprise business is to be sold to Zebra Technologies.[3]

Corporate structure Edit

The company is structured into two divisions:[citation needed]

  • The enterprise division comprises communications offered to government enterprise mobility business, where Motorola develops

advanced data capture, wireless infrastructure, barcode scanning, two-way radios and business pagers, wireless broadband networks, and RFID solutions. The Enterprise business is run by Girish Rishi.[citation needed]

  • The government division produces public safety and government products. Motorola develops analog and digital two-way radio, voice and

data communications products and systems, Wireless LAN security, and mobile computing, among others. The Public Safety business is run by Bob Schassler.

Legal controversies of the parent company Edit

In 1999, Motorola was named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit arising out of alleged misrepresentations regarding the Iridium satellite communication business using third parties as conduits.[4]

In January 2003, Motorola was sued by the shareholders for concealing a huge loan. Motorola agreed to pay $190 million to conciliate the lawsuit in 2007.[5]

In August 2007, a class action lawsuit was announced against Motorola for artificially inflating the stock price through false and misleading statements.[6] In 2012, a $200 million settlement was reached.[7]

In January 2010, Motorola was sued for intentionally misstating the earnings projections and sales demands for the RAZR2 during 2007 holiday shopping season. A settlement of $3.15 million was reached in June 2011.[8]

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References Edit

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