There is a computer accessibility related issue with some versions of the Android operating system:

On some Android compatible devices, the home button appears directly underneath the virtual keyboard space key. This causes a problem with data entry for some users because the home button may be activated inadvertently as the user tries to type a space and the application that was receiving the typed data to become closed during data entry as a result of activation of the home button.

Additionally, some keyboard users may have a natural tendency to aim to place their thumb or forefinger at the bottom center of the virtual keyboard ready to type a space, because this is what they would do on a real keyboard.

The "Move the home button" campaign seeks for the home button to be moved to a more suitable location on the screen (such as bottom right), or a facility to be implemented into the software that allows the user to move or reconfigure the bottom control bar enabling them to move the home button to a more suitable location.[citation needed]

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