Nokia is a Finnish Company that is based in Espoo, Finland. It made Android and Windows Phone devices until it's mobile division was purchased by Microsoft in 2014. It now is involved in mapping, through HERE Maps, network infrastructure, and intellectual property.[1]

Android devices Edit

My green Nokia X (13582469484)

The Nokia X, showing its home screen.

Nokia X family Edit

On 24 February 2014, Nokia announced the Nokia X family, a family of Android smartphones which did not contain Google's services. The Nokia X platform, the software on the devices, used Android 4.1 as a base, but the UI was designed to look like Windows Phone and many of Microsoft and Nokia's services were included.[2] Nokia X devices included the:

Nokia N1 Edit

Main article: Nokia N1

In late 2014, Nokia announced the N1 tablet, which would be manufactured by Foxconn and branded by Nokia. It is a 7.9 inch tablet that looks like the iPad mini. As for software, it ran standard Android 5.0 Lollipop and the Z launcher.[4]

Updates Edit

My green Nokia X (13582469484)
LG G4-0
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